They Thought She Was Crazy: Doctor Extracts RFID Chip From Sex Trafficking Victim


    Imagine someone walking up to you and telling you that they are being tracked and that they need to have a tracking device removed, what would you think? You would probably think that this person was crazy, but what if they were telling the truth?

    According to

    “Dr. A rolled his eyes.

    It was last October, and he had just come across a triage note that said, “I have a tracker in me.”

    Dr. A  — we’re not using his name or identifying his hospital, which is in a major American city, to protect patient safety — is 28 years old, a resident and about as green as they come.

    And he’s got a patient who claims she’s got a GPS tracking device implanted in her side.

    “When you work on the east side of our hospital, psychiatric patients are a dime a dozen,” he said.

    But this patient is different. She’s put together. She’s lucid. She’s got an incision.

    A group crowded around the computer to see her x-ray.

    “Embedded in the right side of her flank is a small metallic object only a little bit larger than a grain of rice,” he said. “But it’s there. It’s unequivocally there. She has a tracker in her. And no one was speaking for like five seconds — and in a busy ER that’s saying something.”

    It turns out this 20-something woman was being pimped out by her boyfriend, forced to sell herself for sex and hand him the money.

    “It was a small glass capsule with a little almost like a circuit board inside of it,” he said. “It’s an RFID chip. It’s used to tag cats and dogs. And someone had tagged her like an animal like she was somebody’s pet that they owned.”

    What makes this story even worse is that it was not a GPS device, it was an RFID chip. RFID chips have a short range, to be useful the person would have to be in a close range. Meaning they would have to be confined to a small area where the right equipment is in place to send or receive signals from the chip.

    We have all known about the potential of tracking devices for years, but this is usually in reference to how the government would use such a technology. This just shows that the way humans use technology in the real world is much worse than fiction.

    Human trafficking is a very real issue in society today, and issue that everyone needs to be aware of. People are not to be bought and sold for the purpose “pleasure”.

    Knowledge is power and it was this knowledge that helped change how Dr. A approaches his patients. Since that day, Dr. A says he has had to putt five patients aside to check for signs of trafficking.

    If you know or come across somebody who might be in danger, please try and get help. To reach the National Human Trafficking Resource Center you can dial 1 (888) 373-7888 or you can go to

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