They Call this place the center of the Universe Because of One Unexplained Phenomenon!


    One unexplained phenomenon has caused this place to be named the center of the universe! This one specific spot on earth has a mysterious and unexplained mystery that has led people to believe that it is the center of the universe!

    Humans used to believe that we were the center of the universe, and our modern day actions don’t show that we have changed our beliefs too much. Although we all know the sun is the center of our solar system, we don’t yet have an idea for what the center of the universe could be – until now.

    While there are many different unexplained mysteries on our ancient old planet, there are some that are completely mind boggling! This phenomenon is definitely comparable to that of the ancient pyramids or even the Bermuda Triangle! At first glance, the area seems to be just any normal cobblestone circle, but that isn’t quite the case. The cobblestones are lined around in a circle, and in the very middle of the circle there is another circle that is approximately a foot wide in circumference. Don’t get confused, it’s not the architecture of the area that is mysterious – it is what happens when you step inside the center.

    Stand in the middle of the circle and try and speak to someone outside of it, and you will immediately be shocked! If you make any sound at all, it will bounce back towards out and not leave the center of the circle. You can try and have a direct conversation with someone outside of it, and it is like having your ears plugged or having the tv on mute; you can’t hear anything. Legend has it that a foghorn could go off in the circle and not a soul outside of it could do here it. This is most definitely one of the most mind-boggling mysteries earth has seen. I really look forward to further research to be done on it, and see if there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. The area is located in Tulsa Oklahoma and would be a great family pitstop for long road trips. It would also be an excellent place to add to your bucket list!

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