These 7 Signs Suggest that the Human Race Is Still Evolving


    If you have attended basic science classes, then chances are you have heard about evolution. However, have you ever wondered if you we were still evolving?

    While many of us know and understand that evolution has taken place, many of us forget that evolution is still happening. In fact, there are a number of physical signs that scientists believe serve as proof that evolution is still in progress.

    1. Wisdom Teeth

    In the beginning of mankind, a plant-based diet was typical. However, humans were unable to digest the cellulose. It was because of this that we had a third set of molars or our wisdom teeth. Now, we have forks and knives to help us up, making wisdom teeth unnecessary. Evolution has begun to catch up now, and wisdom teeth are becoming less common.

    2. We Drink Milk

    In the past, as children were weaned from milk, their body shut down its ability to digest lactose. However, as cows have grown more domesticated, people have started drinking more milk. In turn, our bodies are developing a gene mutation which allows us to tolerate it. Scientists say that research suggests that they have seen this development as early as 3,000 years ago in East Africa. 

    3. Goose Bumps

    Typically, if we are cold, or frightened, we will get goose bumps. Other creatures like cats and dogs experience the same phenomenon in the form of hackled hair. This is to scare away enemies. Humans no longer need to scare off enemies, and are typically clothed which is why we are losing our mechanism to create goose bumps.

    4. We Are Growing Our Resistances to Disease

    According to a group of researchers that were looking for signs of recent evolution in their 2006 study, there are over 1,800 genes which are becoming more prevalent in humans which allow them to fight disease. 

    5. Our Brains Are Shrinking

    Despite the fact that we feel as though we have grown smarter over the years, science suggests that our brains have actually shrunk over the past 30,000 years. Furthermore, it appears that while our brains were once around 1,500 cubic centimeters, they are now around 1,350 cubic centimeters.

    6. We Have Blue Eyes

    10,000 years ago humans only had brown eyes. However, someone living near the Black Sea developed a genetic mutation that caused their eyes to turn blue. Scientists are puzzled as to why this gene lives on, but one theory suggests it is to provide a natural paternity test of sorts.

    7. Appendix

    Medically, experts remain puzzled regarding the existence of the appendix. Darwin believed that it may have once aided in the digestion of cellulose due to our plant rich diet in the beginning. As our diet has changed, he believed that the appendix lost its purposes.

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