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    Drugs have become a serious issue in the modern day world. They’re everywhere, and it’s not just street drugs either.

    Drugs have wreaked havoc on the lives of millions. In the United States alone, over 24.6 million people ages 12 and older used illicit drugs. It’s a serious epidemic, and it doesn’t just affect the person using either. People who have drug addictions cause massive amounts of trauma in the lives of the ones who love them. It’s not just illegal drugs that are a problem either. Prescription drugs kill more people annually than all illegal street drugs combined. it’s needless to say that we have quite a drug issue these days.

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    A new drug has become recently popular and it’s quite scary. People have discovered tons of different chemical and chemical combinations that make them feel some type of way. Thus, Krokodil was born; and it’s bad. It first appeared in Siberia, Russia in 2002 and it has spread across the country ever since. Most street drugs are detrimental to your body and overall health, but krokodil brings a whole new meaning to drugs killing you. It literally makes your flesh rot off. It was first reported use in the United States in 2013.

    The medical name for the drug is desomorphine. It is made at home by acquiring codeine and cooking it with gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine, and the red phosphorus from match boxes. The resulting product is a liquid and it is then injected into the veins. The high supposedly last about 90 minutes, and it’s a 2 hour preparation time. It’s needless to say that a krokodil addict has little else to do besides the drug. It gets its name from the root crocodile because of the way it affects your skin. And addicts skin will become green, bumpy, and scaley. If they miss a vein while injecting it will cause abscesses to form under the skin. Addicts will often develop gangrene too. It is expected for the addict’s flesh to start to rot off, leaving nothing but bone after a few uses.

    The withdrawals of the drug are significantly worse than heroin or any other drug out there. It causes massive amounts of extreme pain for a month after the last use. Doctors say that this is by far the worst drug addiction to treat because of how horrible the withdrawals are. Sometimes they can kill you alone.

    Drugs destroy your life and it’s simply not worth the small amount of high you get. It will wreak havoc on your life and the ones that love you. The average life expectancy of someone on krokodil is just two years. Avoid this insane drug at all costs!

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