The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed


The Navy has achieved a game changing milestone in energy independence – turning seawater into fuel as the Huffington Post reports:

Scientists with the United States Navy say they have successfully developed a way to convert seawater into jet fuel, calling it a potentially revolutionary advancement.

VERY strangely the mainstream media is painfully silent on the matter. Choosing to instead focus on transgender bathroom issues and other largely irrelevant things when compared to what is taking place in society today. This is a clean form of energy that literally changes everything.

In an interview with Agence-France Presse,Vice Admiral Philip Cullom explained that in the Navy;

“We don’t necessarily go to a gas station to get our fuel. Our gas
station comes to us in terms of an oiler, a replenishment ship.
Developing a game-changing technology like this, seawater to fuel,
really is something that reinvents a lot of the way we can do business
when you think about logistics, readiness.”

 So the admiral himself is calling this “game changing technology” and still the mainstream media is completely silent? Big oil influence and manipulation? This just goes to show how controlled it really is.

You can learn more in the video below;

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