The U.S. Doesn’t Know Who Fired Missiles At Its Ships, Bombed Yemen Anyway


    The United States has now attacked and destroyed a series of radar stations belonging to the Shi’ite Houthis in Yemen. Why exactly would something like this happen you ask?

    Well, this event has been described as retaliation for missiles fired near a U.S. destroyer offshore in order to prevent future strikes of similar manners. However, the Pentagon’s Press Secretary Peter Cook has stated that the United States is unaware of who actually fired those missiles in the first place.

    The Houthis has denied involvement in this situation and still for some reason without proof of involvement the United States has chosen to act.

    Cook states that:

    “These strikes are not connected to the broader conflict in Yemen. The United States continues to encourage all parties in the Yemen conflict to commit to a cessation of hostilities and to seek a political solution to that conflict,”

    “Our actions overnight were a response to a hostile action, the launch of multiple missiles that presented a threat to U.S. Navy vessels, to other ships in the area and to commerce in a strategic international waterway.”

    He has vowed that the United States will be ready to ‘respond again‘ if they begin to think that the ships stationed on the Yemen coast are threatened. This implying that they will continue to attack the Houthis. Whether they are the ones behind these missiles or not.

    As I am sure you are already aware the United States is already heavily involved in the never-ending Saudi war against the Houthis. The Houthis came out just yesterday and stated that they had nothing to do with the missiles being fired close to the United States ships and made it very clear that the attacks launched against them were ‘unacceptable.’ Warning that they will be defending themselves against further attacks.

    Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman, Spokesperson for Yemeni forces stated that:

    “Yemen has the right to defend itself and we would deal with any development with the right steps.”

    While it has been said that these acts were purely self-defensive it is clear that there is almost definitely something else going on beneath the surface. Just what that something is, will remain a mystery for some time I assume. Hopefully, some light will be shed on this situation in the future. Acting out without knowing the true culprit is going to get the United States in even deeper trouble.

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