The Truth About POKEMON GO & How it Will Change "Reality" Forever…


I don’t own a television and I don’t actually spend much time surfing social media, but all of a sudden the game Pokeman GO is EVERYWHERE that it is unavoidable. It has become so famous and popular that the logical question a person has to ask is how and why?

The way the game works is that it is designed to be interactive with the environment in such a way that you are both experiencing the “real world” and the video game world at the same time.

In this video, on the Joe Rogan podcast, Brian Redban who is the Producer and cohost of the show, describes how crazy Pokeman GO is and that it take surveillance to a whole new level of disturbing overreach;

“It opens your camera at parts of the game and its scanning your room, your house and its sending it to Google… In like one year, Googles gonna be able to see every single inch, every single place inside and outside because of this game.”

This new craze of “augmented reality” is yet another distraction — perhaps the greatest distraction — from the problems of corruption that are rampant in the real world.

Interestingly, one reddit user found the CIA is connected to this project:

It was created by Niantic, Inc., which was founded by the Keyhole, Inc.
founder John Locke. Keyhole Inc. was funded by Sony & Nvidia, along
with a nice chunk of money coming from the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel, with In-Q-Tel receiving the majority of funding from the National Geospatial Agency.

The NGA was formerly known as NIMA, the National Imaging and Mapping
Agency, until 2003. The NGA’s primary focus is mapping Geospatial
Intelligence, or GEOINT.
Geospatial Intelligence is intelligence about human activity on earth
derived from the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial
information that describes, assesses, and visually depicts physical
features and geographical referenced activities on the Earth.

This raises countless red flags, and although it is being welcome with open arms by smiling adoring fans, it is being imposed on the rest of society who wants nothing to do with it.

Image Credit: Steve Cutts

The zombie apocalypse has begun!

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