The “Thorium Car” That Can Run for 100 Years, It Would Probably Out Live You


    Think of a world where instead of buying fuel for your car, you would need to buy a brand new car for your fuel. 

    Laser Power Systems have created a concept for a Thorium-powered car engine than can probably outlive you. If your car was powered by thorium, you would never need to refuel it. The vehicle would also burn out long before the chemical does.

    With an atomic number of 90, Thorium is the one of only 2 radioactive elements that naturally occur in large quantities.

    How Does This Work You Ask?

    In theory, Thorium has extreme density of 11.7 grams per cubic meter, which allows it to store vast amounts of energy, more than 20milion times the energy in coal and as much as 28,000 liters of oil. If successfully accessed, it could be the solution to humanity’s high energy demands for power. A very small amount of Thorium can provide large-scale energy instead of the large amounts of fossil fuels we use for the same outcome. Not to mention its more eco friendly because it reduces greenhouse emissions and global warming.

    There must be some side effects?

    And there are, Thorium is radioactive so serious precautions would need to made to ensure the safety of the system.

    Laser Power Systems CEO Dr. Charles Stevens says that Thorium powered engines wont be in cars for a very long time . He says:

    “The automakers don’t want to buy them. Too much of the automobile industry is focused on making money off of gas engines, and it will take at least a couple decades for thorium technology to be used enough in other industries that vehicle manufacturers will begin to consider revamping the way they think about engines “

    “We’re building this to power the rest of the world,” Stevens said. He believes a thorium turbine about the size of an air conditioning unit could more provide cheap power for whole restaurants, hotels, office buildings, even small towns in areas of the world without electricity. At some point, thorium could power individual homes”

    Stevens also understands people’s concerns about the radioactive Thorium but he also explains that a solution can be found for this problem.

    “The radiation that we develop off of one of these things can be shielded by a single sheet off of aluminum foil, You will get more radiation from one of those dental X-rays than this

    Is Thorium the way forward for humanity? 

    Check out this video below

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