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Have you ever had that feeling, perhaps whilst driving at night or walking through a densely wooded area, that you have lost some moments in time? Perhaps you couldn’t recall how you got from one point on your journey to your current location, or perhaps it was only a few moments of unrecalled time.

Missing time experiences are more common than you may assume because many of them are so subtle and may be perceived as a case of what seems to be forgetfulness. What are the causes? We don’t know, but there are many theories that range from brain function to U.F.O activity, some seemingly more plausible than the others. What I do know is that I received a story of lost time shortly after my article The Rise Of U.F.Os in America and so I shall paraphrase it for you now:


My interviewee was taking a journey from the city of Calgary to the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta in Canada. He was on his way to play a concert at a venue in the city, everyone in the vehicle was non-drinkers and absolutely sober he said. They filled up their vehicle with fuel before leaving Calgary then began the approximately 3-hour journey towards Edmonton on the No. 2 Highway. They had done this journey before without any issues so it was just business as usual. Driving north in Alberta can be a long boring drive due to the wide open prairie terrain and the straight long highways that seemingly go on forever.

The interviewee was nearing the town of Red Deer, which is roughly 1 hour 30 minutes from Calgary and they suddenly noticed something was odd. Their gas tank was almost empty and instead of an hour and 30 minutes having gone by, it seemed over 2 and half hours had gone by. Having done this journey before my interviewee knew this was very wrong, he said everything felt very wrong. He should not have to stop north of Red Deer and refuel and it should have only taken an 1 hour 30 minutes. He wasn’t the only one who was confused and a little disturbed about this, the other members of the band were as well. They shook it off, refueled and continued on towards Edmonton and made their trip from Red Deer to Edmonton with normal time and normal gas expenditure.



Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.57.40 AM
Map of the highway No. 2 route between Calgary and Edmonton



Having listened to this story with an open, but critical mind I tried to give a logical explanation. The people involved swear it’s true and seemed genuinely puzzled by it, also they were completely sober during the event and are not alcohol and drug users. They were traveling on March 11 th, in the late afternoon, so I ruled out the time change as the clocks in Canada went ahead on March 12th this year. We ruled out mechanical problems as the vehicle is newer, has always run fine before and immediately after the experience. They have also done another trip two weeks later and it went fine, time wise and fuel wise.

The individuals involved immediately mentioned alien abduction or U.F.O, of which I am understandably skeptical of. However, when I was researching this story I found a very fascinating article that coincided in the same time frame and near the same area. Apparently, on May 9th some mysterious lights were seen in the sky over Edmonton as quoted from sonic102.9


“Is there a UFO over Edmonton?!  A listener tonight called in saying he’d spotted a bizarre light over the skies of our city that has been coming & going for the past few weeks.  We got TONS of texts agreeing, but others saying they had a better answer for this mysterious light instead…”


Of course, the logical explanation is that the lights were most likely drones flying around the city, and may not entirely explain our interviewee’s experience. In terms of missing time, U.F.Os and mysterious lights are a common experience just before. However, this group had no visual witness of lights, they simply had a strange experience of missing time that they could not account for. They were never lost on their straight route towards the location, but yet they were physically down in fuel. What happened to take up that hour plus of time and where did the fuel go to? Perhaps we will never know.


Let us know what you think or leave a missing time experience in the comments.




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