The Rogue Magnitude 6.5 in Botswana struck in an area more than 2,000 miles from a fault line in any direction and has almost no previous quake history


    A rogue mag
    6. 5 quake which struck Botswana yesterday is becoming quite a mystery!

    A strange place for a major quake to occur I don’t ever remember reporting a major quake anywhere near here before, there is also no region summary or history available for this location on USGS which would suggest the area has no history of major quakes, or minor quakes for that matter.

    Why is it called a rogue quake?

    simply because the major quake struck more than 2,000 miles away in any
    direction from a major fault line.
    Secondly there
    is almost no previous history of quake activity in Botswana large or small, you
    have to go all the way back to April 2002 when a mag 4.5 struck 150 km from Gaborone
    and even further back to February 1993 when a mag 4.3 struck 120 km from Gaborone
    So what
    could have caused the rogue quake?
    An eagle
    eyed Gary W. Long sent me link on my Facebook page suggesting the quake could have been caused by fracking, I have posted a snippet
    below dated , 2nd of December 2015.

    sells fracking rights in national park

    for more than half of the Kgalagardi Tran frontier park, one of Africa’s
    largest conservation areas, have been granted to drill for shale gas

    Botswana government has quietly sold the rights to frack for shale gas in one
    of Africa’s largest protected conservation areas, it has emerged.

    The Kgalagardi
    trans frontier park, which spans the border with South Africa, is an immense
    36,000 sq. km wilderness, home to gemsbok desert antelope, black-manned
    Kalahari lions and pygmy falcons. But conservationists and top park officials –
    who were not informed of the fracking rights sale – are now worried about the
    impact of drilling on wildlife.

    licences for more than half of the park were granted to a UK-listed company
    called Nodding Donkey in September 2014, although the sale has not been reported
    previously. That company changed its name earlier this month to Karoo Energy.

    Link to full story 

    If this
    quake was caused by fracking it is one hell of a powerful quake!

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