The Reason Why Microwaves Were Banned in Russia: This is What They Don’t Want to Tell You!


    While microwaves do indeed come with a massive convenience factor, at what cost do you obtain such a convenience? According to Stanford University, the cost is exponentially worse than any convenience gained.

    In the study conducted by Stanford university, they found that something strange happened to breast milk once a busy mother rushed to warm her child’s food quickly. Apparently, all of those necessary nutrients that were provided by the milk were lost in the device. Even at a low setting, the milk would lose much of the important disease fighting enzymes which the baby would need to fight off bacteria and sickness.

    In another study, scientist Hans Hertel stated that food damaged in the process of microwaving would induce changes in our blood. Why? Structures that were found within the food molecules were completely destroyed during the microwave process.

    Sadly, these are not the only studies which have proven in one way or another that microwaves are unfortunately not the convenience devices we once thought. When an outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium occurred in Alaska, it was traced back to food that was taken home in doggy bags from restaurants. Only ten people out of the thirty that had brought leftovers home became sick. The others, who used their oven or a frying pan, did not become sick.

    After being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation, the following symptoms may occur:

    • Impaired cognition
    • Nausea
    • Vision problems
    • Depression and irritability
    • Weakened immunity
    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Insomnia
    • Frequent urination and extreme thirst

    It is easy to get in the habit of rushing around due to a busy lifestyle, however, one thing that isn’t worth risking due to a hectic schedule is your health. Instead of hastily throwing your food into a machine which absolutely kills the nutritional content of your diet, opt for your conventional oven instead. While it may take about fifteen extra minutes out of your day, it is totally worth it if you value your vitality.

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