The Pewley Downs, Guildford-10th September 2016


Location of Sighting: The Pewley Downs, Guildford.
Date of Sighting: 10 September 2016.
Time: 19:03
Witness Name: Brandon Harley Phillips.
Witness Statement: To say that I know, definitively, that this was an ‘alien’ being, and not something else would be a lie or, at the very least, mistaken. Not sure what it was or why this occurred. I had just got back from walking the dog at the pewley downs and was loading everything into the car when I saw a teenage boy loitering near the wooden posts which separate the private road from the actual hill, and then into the chantry woodlands. I don’t know why, but somehow I was intrigued somewhat by him, despite a strange discomfort. Anyway, getting back into loading the rather overweight dog into a rather small car, I suddenly experience a feeling of dread. I’m loiking around, and you know there’s only a kid- a small skinny teenager, and then I’ve got 6’5″ height and a large dog. I couldn’t quite place why I was scared. But the dog’s growling. And he’s pressed up against the other side of the car seat, looking scared also. I jump in and notice that the kid, without making any sound whatsoever, is a lot closer to the car door. He’s got sunglasses on which, you have to admit, is weird in the mid evening. I mean it’s hardly midday in Egypt. So anyway he knocks on the car window and, despite naturally being a suspicious person, and having an almost visceral reaction of discomfort to him, I notice that I’m rolling down the car window. Like, noticing doing it without consciously doing it. Noticing doing it after doing it. Do you understand what I mean here? ‘I’m lost, can you take me into town and help me get to mum’. He says it as a statement despite wording it as question. There’s something weird about his voice- you notice he’s monotonous and there’s neither inflection nor depth to it. Just some strange distant whine. I thought, perhaps, he might have an autistic spectrum disorder, with the whole voice thing, and his awkward, rigid, Cody language which just… hangs, limply like a rag doll hanging in some twisted child’s room. I ask him why he’s lost when there’s signs everywhere to Guildford, and surely he can walk there. ‘I don’t know the way; please, you have to let me into your car and drive me to town; I’m lost and I have to get to mum’. He says this pedantically. You’re left with the impression that he’s ordering you, rather than asking, and it’s strange, because you’re still intrigued yet somewhat viscerally repulsed someway. I reply that I can’t take him. I’m going back all the way to the park barn area and can’t stop to make any detours on the way there, though offer to give him directions. ‘No, you must let me in and drive me there.’ Getting more pedantic with each word, he removes his awkward at that time evening sunglasses CSI style to make his every word all that more insistent. And that’s when I see it. He’s got eyes though not like we’d associate with them as he’s got no iris nor cornea nor pupil just a black void staring down at me like a shark looking at prey. You will appreciate, perhaps, that now I want to empty my bowels everywhere on the car seat. I wind up the window as he stands there, limply, still like a hanging rag doll, and pull away. He shouts, still, that he’s got to be allowed in but I ignore him. Driving away I look back, just perhaps to see whether he’s a mere prankster laughing at the terror he cause. There’s no one there. No single person there. Just sunglasses dropped on the road that look like they’ve been there years. What the hell was this? He can’t have been human- he was away too damned quick? Anyone know anything about what…? Seriously?


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