The Idea of Creating a New Universe in a Lab Someday Is Probably More Likely Than You Would Imagine


    Sure, you have seen movies and television shows in which smaller universes were kept in boxes and so forth, but have you ever given them much thought? Could these already exist?

    Back in 1991, Andrei Linde at Stanford University submitted a draft article on how to possibly create a universe in a laboratory. Since then a lot of people have been conversing over this sort of thing and while some people don’t take the idea of creating another galaxy seriously, lots do. Zeeya Merali, a freelance science writer and author of ‘A Big Bang in a Little Room: Quest to Create New Universes‘, has spent a lot of time researching this subject in general. She has spoken with everyone she could, even physicists who have managed to sketch out rough blueprints for how humanity may someday be able to get this done.

    As you may know, how our universe was created is something widely debated on.  Regardless of your beliefs, the idea of creating a second universe in a lab is going to be a bit scary.

    Merali met with Don Page an evangelical Cristian at the University of Alberta in Canada at some point on her journey, he, of course, believes that the universe was created by God from nothing. Linde’s vision would require that physicists cooked up their own cosmos in a highly technical laboratory using far more powerful tools than the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. This would also need a seed particle called a ‘monopole’ which is hypothesized to exist but has not been found yet.

    “The idea goes that if we could impart enough energy to a monopole, it will start to inflate. Rather than growing in size within our Universe, the expanding monopole would bend spacetime within the accelerator to create a tiny wormhole tunnel leading to a separate region of space. From within our lab, we would see only the mouth of the wormhole; it would appear to us as a mini black hole, so small as to be utterly harmless. But if we could travel into that wormhole, we would pass through a gateway into a rapidly expanding baby universe that we had created.”

    While the idea of creating a new universe is not within out immediate future it is something that lots of people take very seriously and hope to work on someday. What do you think about all of this? Check out the video below to see a simulation of the things explained above.

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