The Human Race is Quickly Evolving Into A New Kind of Human


    Life is a crazy roller coaster full of ups, downs, and twist and turns. I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that life is confusing. But it’s okay – because you are rapidly transforming into a new human being. You’re not supposed to understand it all.

    We all try our hardest to understand life and make sense of things. There are so many questions to be answered about life like how we got here, what put us here, and what we’re truly supposed to be doing. However, life wouldn’t be life if you understood it. It’s weird how nothing makes sense at all, yet it all does at the same time.

    Everything is interdependent on each other and if one component of life were to disappear it would bring all of society to a crumble. It’s okay that you don’t understand everything – or anything – about life itself. None of us really do, but that’s because we are rapidly changing into new human beings. Even more rapidly than you’d think.

    We are constantly evolving as time goes on. Humans are forever growing and so is our universe. Everything continues and time goes on, and we are rapidly growing, changing, and essentially transforming as it all happens before our very eyes. If you stop to pay attention you would notice how fast everything changes – even yourself. Everyday you live you are creating new memories of new experiences and forming new interests and opinions on everything you come into contact with. One memory possessing brain cell dies and another is born. We are constantly in a state of evolution.

    Everything about life is a learning experience. None of us are placed on Earth knowing anything. We are informationless fragile creatures who grow everyday. Growing physically and mentally as we create new brain cells, memories, experiences, and feelings. Everyday we grow something is changing. When you wake up in the morning you are essentially a new person by the time you lay your head down at night. Every day is a learning experience and we grow more wisdom as we go throughout life.

    You are becoming more aware of your own spiritual significance. You take note of the powers of your soul and the interconnectedness of all things that ever has been, is, and will be. You are familiar with a higher consciousness that is constantly informing you of the right decision to make and warning you of the consequences of the wrong decision. You are aware of the importance of every relationship you’ve ever formed and you are beginning to truly cherish them for all they are.

    You love more than you ever have loved before. You are beginning to grow a new understanding of how amazing and lovely each individual person is. We are too often distracted by what we see on the outside to even get a glimpse of what is on the inside; a soul. You are growing to love everything about our imperfect life. You embrace the flaws of every aspect because without them, it wouldn’t be the same.

    Even though life can be extremely difficult and strength testing, you do not let it get you down. You are rapidly growing into a new human and you have a newfound appreciation for the way things flow. You are exhilarated to find out what kind of person you turn out to be in the future. You’re not scared; you’re anticipated. You embrace the future because you embrace your mistakes, not reject them. You do this because you are growing to realize that mistakes aren’t truly mess ups; they’re what shapes you, teaches you, and molds you into the person you are today – and you can’t wait to see who you grow to be tomorrow.

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