The CIA Published Declassified Documents About Pyramids and a Lost Civilization on Mars


    According to recently declassified CIA documents detailing information regarding Mars exploration, the U.S government has discovered some very interesting finds on the planet. Included in the report are descriptions of pyramids, ‘massive megalithic walls’ and extremely tall ‘beings.’

    The CIA recently published over 12 million pages of declassified documents, however, ufologists found the documents that explained the details regarding Mars to be the most interesting of all published documents. Apparently, the documents include information about a paranormal experiment conducted on Mars.

    Bearing the title “Exploration of Mars” the documents date back to May 22, 1984. Within merely a few clicks of your mouse, you can see the transcript of the experiment. The specific coordinates included in the transcript focus on Mars 40.89 degrees North/9.55 degrees West.

    The featured transcript depicts an interview between a psychic and CIA handler. According to the interview, ‘Tyler’ says that the psychic is actually spot on regarding the surface of Mars. Not only is the psychic correct about the surface of Mars, but also about the fact that aliens once lived there. And while this may seem impossible to believe, you can view the CIA document for yourself, and verify everything just stated.

    According to the UFO hunter, featured in the video above, who founds the YouTube page “Secure Team 10”, states that while 13 million pages of declassified documents were recently made public, many of them contain “UFO sightings, psychic experiments and a treasure trove of never seen before data and information.”

    “What we have in this document is a recorded session [with] a so-called psychic and during this session, this unidentified psychic is able to visit the planet Mars and describe things on its surface with deadly accuracy.”

    The psychic was given an envelope, however, she did not open the document. Other than coordinates, the psychic knew nothing but coordinates about the planet. Inside of the envelope, it was written “1. The planet Mars, 2. Time of interest approximately 1 million years BC.” While the psychic was given the coordinates, they were not told which planet they referred to.

    The psychic is told to focus on the envelope and the coordinates. In return, the psychic stated,

    “I want to say it looks like, ah… I don’t know. It sort of looks… I kind of got an oblique view of a pyramid or pyramid form.
    “It’s very high, it’s kind of sitting in a large, depressed area.
    “it’s yellowish… okra colored.”

    In the video, Tyler explains the when you type the coordinates into Google Earth for Mars that it will take you directly to the Cydonia region that is known for the artificial pyramids found there.

    In the interview, the handler then asks the psychic what he sees on Mars, and in response, he says, “dark, storm clouds” suggestive of a “geologic problem”.

    Of course, the document contains many more details than this. However, the entire document is available here for viewing, and you will be absolutely in shock when you begin peeling it apart. Whether you are an avid believer in Aliens or a skeptic, you may leave this article believing in an entirely new view regarding our universe. If you don’t you may be left wondering about the exact intentions of our government, and especially the CIA.

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