The Beginning is Near: The Marriage of Science and Spirituality


    Most of us get caught up in the emotions of being a human and we forget where we all come from. When we are broken down we are nothing more than energy and that is where spirituality comes into play. No matter what we are doing or experiencing it all breaks down in the same way.

    When most people think of the end of the world they think of the actual end, but it really is nothing more than a new beginning. We have been conditioned to feel like a choice has to be made between science and spirituality, but the truth is the two are connected. Awareness comes in lots of different forms but being aware of this is important.

    When I think of science I think about the universe and all the secrets it may hold and when I think of spirituality I think about the meaning of the universe. You see the two are one in the same but still different; when they come together and we stop trying to keep them separate there is no telling what we might find.

    With science telling us what is good for us and spirituality maintaining our morals we could move mountains when it comes to maintaining the world we live in. Jeff Lieberman spoke about science and spirituality back in 2011 for TEDx and looking back on it now I cannot find the words to explain how much I identify with everything he is saying.

    He goes over the energy that we are made of and reminds everyone in the audience how amazing humans really are if we understand our potential. If you have not heard him speak yet, you may want to check out the video below. Please pay close attention to the power of thought that he goes over and let each and every word he speaks really sink in.

    What do you think about his words and do you feel like we are moving towards a new beginning or an end? If we work hard enough we can completely get rid of all of our sources of suffering, while it will be hard, it will be worth it. Being involved in more than just ourselves really can make a difference.

    The universe has always been right on the tips of our fingers. The sky really is the limit, do not lose your heart. Through science and spirituality together we may actually have a chance for a healthy change. The system we use these days has been outdated for quite some time now, change is needed.

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