The 6 Biggest Traps Used to Shut Down and Enslave Human Consciousness


    “From an evolutionary standpoint, human consciousness has not been around very long. A little light just went on after four and a half billion years. How often does that happen? Maybe it is quite rare.”

     The human consciousness is one of our most powerful assets, empowering us to complete feats that would otherwise be impossible, however, it is also our greatest weakness. Through the manipulation of our consciousness one is able to control our thoughts, values, ideas, actions, and emotions. Ultimately, they are able to dictate every aspect of our lives. Scary thought, no?

    The concept of consciousness was once a mystery, eluding even the most skilled of scientists. Recently there have been some significant breakthroughs. One such discovery was through the research at Harvard in which researchers were able to discover the different areas of the brain that work to maintain consciousness.

    Michael D. Fox, MD, PhD explained, “For the first time, we have found a connection between the brainstem region involved in arousal and regions involved in awareness, two prerequisites for consciousness. A lot of pieces of evidence all came together to point to this network playing a role in human consciousness.”

    While experts continue to debate the true meaning of consciousness,  continuing their research in an effort to better understand how it comes to be, the exact inner workings in the way that it functions and whether or not it can be considered a part of our physical being, one thing rings true. In the ‘wrong hands’ access to our innermost thoughts and state of being can be incredibly dangerous. In order to protect ourselves, we must understand the ways in which our consciousness is currently being manipulated and limited.

    There is truly no other physical thing that has more power to control, manipulate and enslave in our society. The general belief that money has value opens the door to a whole list of negative concepts that have long plagued the human population. We trade our greatest asset in life, our time, on a daily basis in exchange for this item of value believing that it has the power to dictate our worth, our standing in society and our happiness. However, in becoming enslaved to its power we receive the exact opposite of that which we seek. Instead of security, we face financial scams and thefts and in the place of happiness, we discover debt. He or she who holds the money holds the power, and that power is limitless!

    2. Scientism

    As a society, we highly value the scientific advancements of the human population. Today, more than ever before, we feel we can explain, prove and justify our beliefs in a tangible and irrefutable manner. Studies, research projects and experiments provide the proof we need to support our claims and beliefs. This, however, is not immune to manipulation. Scientific study requires funding, and as those with power are able to get their hands ‘into the pot,’ they can influence the information that is released. If discovered this can lead to retracted publications, but retracting a study that has already begun to circulate the general public is not going to function as true ‘damage control.’ Furthermore, these studies are only retracted if the misconduct is discovered.  This allows those with power to use science as a tool to manipulate the consciousness of the masses.

    3. Politics

    In the American political system, citizens are pressured to align their thoughts and values with one of the country’s political parties. In an effort to pare down our many different thoughts, beliefs, values and opinions to fit into the box of one of the political parties, we begin to make small sacrifices in an effort to ‘better fit’ the party of our choosing. This, in turn, can impact your financial spending, your stance on major political debates and your overall views of life as an American citizen.

    4. The New Age Movement

    There are a number of Americans that are abandoning the hard proof of science in favor of a new way of thinking. The New Age Movement is a new set of beliefs and ideas that are centered around the concept of realizing our own inner strength through self-healing, selflessness, and self-sustainability. Basically, it states that through being a better person and seeing the world in a better light, we can, in turn, create a better world. Still relatively new, this belief system is widely open to interpretation and leaves the door open for a number of ways in which one can be manipulated to subscribed to specific thoughts, beliefs, morals, and ideals simply because it is ‘meant to be.’

    5. Transhumanism

    Transhumanism is a more recent development, referring to the power that technology holds over the human population. Transhumanists believe that the merging of man and machine is the logical next step for our society, bringing us to the ‘next level’ of development. While that may sound extreme, our dependence on technology speaks for itself. Computers, smartphones, televisions and tablets are found in nearly every home, with the average American adult spending over 9 hours each day simply engaging with gadgets. This provides a new tool for those looking to manipulate the consciousness of the masses, a tool that is in the hand of children and adults alike.

    6. Religion

    Another set of beliefs and values that divides Americans into their individual basics, the label associated with various religions can impact your personal belief system. As you subscribe to the belief system of a specific religion you become indoctrinated into their way of thinking. Over time your values and purpose in life shift to line up with that which you are taught are ‘just’ and ‘right’ according to your religious beliefs. This ability to manipulate the thoughts of a large group of people has resulted in religious wars and uprisings across the world, turning people against one another in a web of hatred and judgement all in the name of love and ‘true morals.’


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