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A sighting, by a bevy of students and teachers, of a strange “thing” in a grove of pine trees in Westall, a suburb of Clayton South, Victoria, Australia, in 1966 created interest then and ongoing, as those who saw the “thing” had a witness reunion at Westall Tennis Club Hall, on April 8th, 2006, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the incident according to Wikipedia:

The Herald Sun provided an “explanation” for the sighting. Click HERE to read that.

Why do I post a note about this apparently mundane sighting?

It strikes me as odd that cognizant observers would mistake a balloon, no matter how extraordinary that balloon may have been, for something other than what it really was.

Lay persons would call the sighting a case of mass hysteria, and it may have been, or, better, an induced hallucination.

But such an explanation stretches psychological credulity, a little bit.

(I experienced something similar, which I’ve written about before here. Years ago, while outside a school, waiting for one of my kids, with other parents of children, we all saw a bona fide UFO coming towards us in the sky. We were all excited to the point of a subtle kind of hysteria, as the UFO meandered, closer and closer….until it turned and showed us it was the Goodyear blimp on its way to a nearby destination.)

Yes, prosaic things can be mistaken for extraordinary things, and called UFOs.

The Westall incident was one of those…..perhaps.

N.B. Image above from the internet, and found at so many venues that I don’t know to whom I can attribute the original.


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