Taking An Abortion Pill At Home Is As Safe As Doing It In A Clinic, Study Finds


    While the topic of abortion has remained a touchy subject, many women have fled to the online markets to purchase at home abortion products. Due to this, many have grown concerned as to whether or not such methods are safe.

    One study set out to find out whether it was or wasn’t. According to their study, 95% of those who went through with an at home method were able to do so without any medical intervention. Experts have stated that the study highlights the safety of a medical abortion.

    In order to better understand the abortion pill better, researchers analyzed the first 1000 women that had obtained the pill through the Tabbot Foundation. The Tabbot Foundation was created just last year in Australia to help women who were faced with very few options in the case of pregnancy.

    During the study, researchers came to understand that less than 10% of those who had taken the pill had reported symptoms of a serious medical issue such as severe bleeding, fever or pain. Seven of the women had to undergo a blood transfusion, while others had to take antibiotics. Conversely, no deaths were reported due to the abortion pill.

    Furthermore, they discovered that internet abortions were consistent with the results of those who had taken the bill as instructed by their physician.

    Head researcher Abigail Aiken of the University of Texas at Austin concluded that “self-sourced medical abortions using online telemedicine can be highly effective, and outcomes compare favorably” with clinical protocols. The main weakness regarding the study was that one-third of the women that had reached out to be used in the study didn’t follow through. Therefore, the researchers worried that the sample size used in the study could have been too small.

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