Superimposed ‘chemtrail protest’ image inspires activists to speak out on geo-engineering



Scientists, military personnel, government officials, and many others
have now gone on record about chemtrails and it is only a matter of time before the truth
is exposed.

Now, people are beginning to demonstrate in large numbers too. The world is waking up and the elite better realize, that they are playing with fire because the sleeping giant that is the people, is beginning to rise up!

D. Samuelson of News Target reports;

Italian activists took to the streets singing, shouting and marching in a rousing protest, demanding an end to the

and geoengineering strategies. Their signage and voices echoed a
world-wide message: stop killing the earth, and us, with chemtrails

These protesters were inspired by other activists who utilized their
talents and energies to shed light on this dark and devastating
practice. The picture above shows a sea of pilots dressed in uniform.
They march in unison with signs that depict blue skies latticed with the
grey-white toxic fumes that have been strategically sprayed into the
stratosphere. This eye-catching illustration was created by artist David
Dees. reports that in 2014, a real whistleblower pilot spoke
out to a family member concerning a secret military and aviation
operation named “Indigo Skyfold.” He revealed that the pilots who fly
the chemtrail missions are chosen from the top ranks of the military,
Many do not have children. He described them as being robotic people who
are “hardened to humanity.” The whistle blower also said at least 1/3
of all chemtrail missions are flown from remote islands that cannot be
tracked on Google. He leaked that pilots are told chemtrail dispersions
must be completed or America faces terrible consequences.

The Italian protestors were also inspired by an Italian couple, Antonio
and Rosario Marciano. They produced a  video entitled, Chemtrials, The
Secret War. This documentary takes the contrail vs. chemtrail discussion
and makes the distinction absolutely clear – especially for those who
still don’t believe that the spraying is occurring. Additionally, they
speak with scientists and doctors who verify the toxins falling through
our skies.

Let’s imagine that this superimposed chemtrail protest image was real.
What would happen? At first, the chemtrail protest would be front page
headlines and lead stories on TV. However, it would not take long for
the global elite to write up a few scripts, and then pay off their media
lapdogs to assure the world that these pilots are merely a rogue group
of disaffected employees who don’t understand that chemtrails are not
only safe, but imperative to saving our planet. But the media

 can only last so long, especially if pilots actually quit flying.

Each of us has the duty to tell the truth about chemtrails to those who do not know. After all, breathing
clean air

and eating
clean food

is essential for a healthy life. Seems that may be why they’re spraying us.

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