Stunning footage captures moment DOZENS of UFOs light up sky and disappear


The latest clip from Gilbert, Arizona, comes after a series of sightings in the US state.

In the clip, a collection of lights are seen blinking and hovering in the sky.

The strange constellation of lights soon change colour and flash in reddish hue.

The fading lights soon disappear into the darkness with commercial planes appearing to flying nearby.

The sighting is believed to been of many.

The man recording the footage is heard saying: “These are UFOs and this is a lot more than what we saw the last time we recorded.

“And they’re going straight up into the sky and they’re going to start disappearing.”

A stunned woman in the background yells: “What is that?”

The footage was uploaded to YouTube, where users have been trying to explain the odd collection of lights.

“Those are just drones… Nothing more,” said one viewer.

“They are definitely Chinese lanterns. When I saw Chinese lanterns for the very first time, I assumed them to be UFOs,” added another.

Others said they had witnessed similar sightings in Ukraine and other parts of America.

“I’ve seen stuff like this off the coast of Florida, sailing about 40 miles off shore – really weird stuff,” said a user.

Another user joked: “I for one welcome our alien overlords!”

The footage comes after a mass sighting of a triangle UFO in Geneva.

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