Study: Unvaccinated Children Healthier than the Rest


    While many pro-vaccination advocates would suggest otherwise, it appears that vaccinating your children may actually be making them less healthy than children whose parents opt against vaccination. In a new study, information suggests that children who are unvaccinated are actually significantly healthier than children who receive vaccinations.

    One woman, Sarah Carrasco had never questioned vaccines. Sarah and her husband married during their college years and were overjoyed by their new infant. During the one year check-up, her son David already knew most of the alphabet and could even say five words: “Mom”, “Dad”, “Brober” (due to discussions of a new baby), “Hi”, and “Bye”.

    The pediatrician even predicted that their child would be a genius.

    Unfortunately, after his one-year round of vaccines, the child spiked a fever of 103 and acted as though he was in immense pain. Diarrhea added to their worries and David would not stop crying. She brought David back to the doctor and various times after that.

    Within a week after receiving vaccines, David wouldn’t make eye contact. The pediatrician urged Sarah to not be worried.

    Sarah’s story is similar to thousands of accounts which indicate that after American parents have vaccinated their children according to the CDC schedule, they had to endure watching their babies withstand horrendous brain and immune damage.

    In another case, Kelly Sutton, M.D, who is a doctor based in Fair Oaks, California, who has been practicing medicine for over four decades says that she sees parents of vaccine-injured children daily.

    “It’s not a rational thing to think that we can just give an ever-increasing number of vaccines without causing damage,” Sutton explains. “There’s a tipping point for many people in terms of the toxins that they can handle.”

    Researchers who collected information on over 660 children in a survey indicated that unvaccinated children were more likely to get chickenpox or whooping cough. On the contrary, they were less likely to suffer from ear infections, pneumonia, allergies, and autism.

    • Vaccinated children were more than twice as likely to have some type of chronic illness.
    • Vaccinated children were nearly four times as likely to have learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorder.
    • Vaccinated children who were born prematurely were more than six times more likely to have brain or central nervous system disorders, including autism.

    “We all need to be looking at improving the safety of vaccines,” says Bose Ravenel, M.D., whose practice is based in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

    While the mainstream media maintains that parents who are against vaccines are “crazy” “selfish” or “irresponsible”, it would appear that the opposite is true. Hundreds of medical doctors and health practitioners are now voicing concerns regarding the current CDC recommended vaccine schedule due to rampant illness and mental instability after the vaccines are distributed.

    One Stanford GraduateJ.B Handley, who is a successful business owner, says that he has a child that was impacted with autism due to vaccines.

    “There is no parent on the planet fighting for vaccine safety who doesn’t want to protect their children from deadly diseases,” claims Handley, co-founder of Generation Rescue, a non-profit that supports families affected by autism. “But the current vaccine program is an overreach. We absolutely need a reset.”

    Many other advocates have fought for massive scale studies which would change the vaccination schedule. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the government refuses to do anything about these claims. Despite current studies that indicate that vaccines do more harm than good, the U.S government refutes these claims, and calls for more legislation which would mandate further vaccinations.

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