Study Finds That Psilocybin Hyper-connects The Brain


    Psilocybin, as we have gone over before, has many different positive effects on the human brain. Magic mushrooms have been used for many different reasons throughout time.

    We seem to have a lack of understanding when it comes to exactly how this works, which could be blamed on a lack of studies. However, a recent study has made some mind-blowing conclusions. This component is connecting parts of the brain that usually stay separated.

    According to co-author Paul Expert, the compound itself is able to connect brain regions that usually do not talk to one another. It causes a state of synesthesia which seems to account for why people often depict having seen colors and such when listening to music. Who knows what we can achieve through connecting our brain together as a whole.

    Could you imagine your brain working as one whole unit the entire things conversing all at once? The study referred to above is one from King’s College London and if you take the time to look at the image below you will see the brain activity changes between psilocybin and the placebo.

    We are without a doubt sure that psilocybin is powerful and fantastic beyond our wildest dreams. If studies like this continue to come out we can only hope that the unnecessary persecution of psychedelics like this one will stop. What do you think of this? There are many other questions out there and we hope to have answers soon.

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