State Department Tries to Explain Difference Between Russian, US-Backed War Crimes


    If the American government does it, it is never wrong, right? Most people look to our government with a double standard, never seeing the wrong that they do, preferring to struggle to find the right things.

    Recently, a State Department official was asked to explain the difference between Saudi airstrikes in Yemen and Russian airstrikes in Syria, and as expected the spokesperson tried to find a good answer and struggled to do so.

    There is no difference, a crime is a crime no matter what country is committing it. More people need to wake up and realize this fact, turn off the T.V. and do some real research. Just because we live in the United States does not mean that everything that our government does is the right thing to do.

    “During a media briefing in Washington DC on Tuesday, State Department spokesperson John Kirby was asked repeatedly about whether Saudi coalition bombing of Houthi rebels in Sanaa – facilitated by US arms sales to the Gulf state – deliberately targets civilian infrastructure.

    “’Over the weekend there was this air strike on a funeral by the Saudi-led coalition,’ Matt Lee of the Associated Press asked. ‘I was just wondering: does the administration see any difference between this kind of thing, and what you accuse the Russians, Syrians and the Iranians of doing in Syria, and particularly Aleppo?’

    “Mr. Kirby struggled to answer the question, pointing out that the Kingdom has launched an investigation into how the funeral hall was hit, whereas nothing of the sort has been carried out by the Syrian or Russian governments, which he accused of deliberately causing harm to civilians.

    “Russia did call for an investigation into the bombing of an aid convoy near Aleppo on September 19th, which contributed to the suspension of talks on Syria between Washington and Moscow.

    “Mr Lee, the AP’s diplomatic correspondent, continued to hold Mr Kirby’s feet to the fire on the Yemeni issue, pressing him for an answer on how “an increasing number of Yemeni civilians are at risk and being killed by weapons that the United States has furnished to the Saudis and their coalition partners.”

    “’You don’t find any kind of issue with this? Because a lot of people do, including on [Capitol] Hill,’ he added.

    “Mr. Kirby said that the situation was very different in Syria and Yemen, pointing out that Iranian-supplied Houthi rockets have killed Saudi citizens in recent months.

    “’The Saudi-led coalition were invited in by the Yemeni government – now I know what you’re going to say, the Russians were invited by [Syrian President] Assad… but [the Saudis] are under real threat on their side of the border in that war,’ he said.”

    Russia’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova was asked a similar question by an American journalist. “Why is Russia supporting Assad, who is killing civilians?” However, Zakharova did not have such a hard time answering the ridiculously one-sided question.

    “This is the work that we are being stopped from doing. The talks on Syria are about to begin again – but everyone understands that the two rotating member countries (from the UN Security Council) have a decisive capability and they are blocking our progress. This is because we have finally approached the crux of the problem – al-Nusra.

    “Al-Nusra are the new mujahideen. Do you understand this concept? Go and read some history – research how al-Qaeda came to be. It’s exactly the same thing. Point by point, it is exactly the same. The financing; the moral and ideological support. And what did your relationship with the mujahideen cause? It created al-Qaeda. And al-Qaeda – you all know what that is.

    “So you can’t simplify [isolated events] like this, you have to understand what caused it. You can’t logically follow mainstream [garbage] ‘Russia is killing everyone and everyone is trying to stop Russia.’ This is rubbish.”

    “I’m very sorry for my expression but – such simplification means that [Western] stupidity is more dangerous than the threat itself. And when simplification of this scale happens in [Western] mainstream media, I think this is more scary than terrorism itself. Simplify everything to the extreme, and only show it from one angle it might work in.”

    To read her full response click here, or watch the video below.

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