St Ives-Summer 1973


Location of Sighting: St Ives
Date of Sighting:Late Summer 1973
Time: 6:00/7:00 P.M.
Witness Name: James Owen

Witness Statement: In 1973, my father was in the U.S. Air force, stationed at RAF Alconbury. We lived in St Ives, on California Street, in Anglo-American housing. In those days, there was a wheat/corn field behind the house. I was five at the time. Which is why I don’t recall the specifics of time or date. One evening, after dark, I looked out of the upstairs window at the field. There, sitting in the corn, was what I thought was a merry go round. Which was strange, to say the least. I called to my mother and asked her if I could go down and “ride the merry go round.” She asked me what I was talking about. So I pointed it out to her. She became visibly frightened and angrily told me to go to bed. Which, of course, I did. Next morning, I went out to find and area of the corn pressed down flat. As an aside, we lived directly under the flight path of the runway of RAF Wyton. Vulcans on final would clear our roof by twenty feet. Years later, I learned that there had been UFO sightings in the are at that time. I still wonder about that “merry go round.”


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