‘Squirt Of Sperm’ Hiding In Plain Sight On Obama’s New Official Portrait


    The official portrait of Barack Obama now hanging in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery features a trail of sperm running down the side of his forehead. 

    Obama sycophants are claiming it is not a trail of sperm, but simply a bulging vein in the former president’s forehead. But they don’t have a leg to stand on. The artist who painted this portrait, Kehinde Wiley, 41, is obsessed with semen and has a long history of hiding sperm in his paintings.

    If that wasn’t enough to suggest Kehinde Wiley was not a suitable artist to paint a former president’s official portrait, there are also at least two instances where Wiley has painted portraits of black women holding a knife in one hand and the decapitated head of a white woman in the other.

    Additionally, some other users noticed many of the leaves and flowers appeared to be copy/pasted, possibly within digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop:

    The leftists oohing and aahhing over the ridiculous portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama are reminiscent of the subjects applauding the naked emperor’s invisible clothes. Anyone not steeped in leftist idol worship can see that these portraits are technically poor, seditious and self absorbed.

    Imagine if President Trump commissioned a portrait by an artist with a history of painting white men cutting off the head of black men. Leftists would be rioting in the street.

    Baxter Dmitry

    Baxter Dmitry

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