Spine-Tingling Photos Reveal What Life Is Like In A Legal Bangladeshi Brothel


    Throughout the world, prostitution remains the oldest profession. And despite many nations banning its practice, Bangladesh continues to be one of the few Muslim nations in which it is legal.

    The oldest and second largest brothel located in the area is the Kandapara brothel, which was demolished in 2014. Many of the women were born there and had grown up within its walls and were unsure of where to go when this happened. However, it was later reestablished after local NGOs banned together to rebuild it. 

    Many in support of the brothel, including the women themselves have demonstrated for their right to work. Due to this, the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association had the High Court throw out the eviction of sex workers act. In turn, the workers were able to return to their homes in the brothel.

    Twins born to one of the workers at the brothel.

    Asma sitting with a customer; she was born in the brothel.

    According to the Independent, “The Kandapara brothel in Tangail is the oldest and second-largest one in Bangladesh. It has existed for 200 years.”

    Asma quit going to school after students made fun of her because of her mother being a sex worker. She then became one at the age of 14. 

    Priya, 19, is shown playing with her friend by trying to beat him. 

    Dipa is 26, she is in her second month of pregnancy due to a customer. 

    Hashi and Babu

    A worker showing her Orodexon, which is a steroid used by farmers to fatten cattle. Workers take this to gain weight in order to appear more appealing to customers. 

    Hashi smoking before a customer. 

    Lucky holding her 3-month-old son.

    Maya applying lipstick before seeing a customer. 

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