Spanking Children Backfires on Parents and Here’s Why


    When your child is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, spanking works, right? Maybe for the right now but not in the long run.

    One analysis has shown that there are long-term effects when it comes to physical punishment. Spanking can actually wreak havoc on children when it comes to their long-term development. This information was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and while it was hard to study they have done it. For this, they followed children over the course of 20 years and monitored how often they received spankings. They then took the time to measure their aggression as things progressed.

    Joan Durrant, child clinical psychologist at the University of Manitoba said that:

    “We find children who are physically punished get more aggressive over time and those who are not physically punished get less aggressive over time,”

    “If someone were to hit us to change our behavior, it might harm our relationship with that person. We might feel resentful. It’s no different for children. It’s not a constructive thing to do.”

    Children who are spanked often feel depressed and devalued by their family and usually their sense of self-worth suffers because of this. These harsh punishments can backfire big time, children will be more likely to lie as a means of avoiding punishment and also are at risk of antisocial behaviors. In some countries, spanking children is not even an option. It seems like most parents who spank children does so by default they were spanked growing up and it just comes naturally for them.

    Children who are spanked are often not learning anything other than to fear their parents. While for some children it may not do harm overall but why risk it? When we hit our children we aren’t usually hitting them because they did something wrong, we are doing it because we are so frustrated and see it as our only working option. If you were spanked growing up, stop to think, do you resort to violence when you’re frustrated? Do you jokingly hit your partner in the arm when you’re getting mad?

    This is not the only study covering this issue, for more information on why spanking doesn’t work check out the video below. It covers another study that was far more extensive. Do you spank your children?

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