Sony Has Patented a Contact Lens that is Blink Powered and Records Video


    While the idea may seem like something that you would see in a futuristic styled science fiction movie, Sony has now patented contacts that record video. The supposed intention of the advanced new contacts is to improve contact accuracy, however, the recording option leaves a wide window of other opportunities open for the taking.

    Seven Japanese inventors created the design for the contacts that include not only a camera but also a wireless processing unit and a storage unit. Unlike the ones patented by Samsung, Sony’s allows the user to store the images for later viewing.

    By taking a look outward, rather than within, Sony believes they can improve your vision by use of an entirely new angle. The recording feature can be turned on and off with the blink of an eye, literally. Furthermore, the technology can also discern whether or not your blink was intentional or unintentional.

    ‘It is known that a time period of usual blinking is usually 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds, and therefore it can be said that, in the case where the time period of blinking exceeds 0.5 seconds, the blinking is conscious blinking,’ the patent application reads.

    While such a product may seem convenient or interesting, there is a downside to such technology. Once these contacts make their way to consumers, gone will be the days of knowing when someone is capturing your image. Privacy could be completely eradicated and everything you do or say could be shared with the world. Increasing technology can be beneficial, however, there is a point in which it becomes extremely creepy. Of course, it has already reached that point in many aspects of our technologically advanced society. Unfortunately, the creepy factor doesn’t seem to be going away.

    Watch the video, and give us your opinion: Will these contacts serve a greater purpose, or are they yet another way in which our increasingly advanced society is spiraling into disturbia?

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