Solar-powered Pipe Desalinates 1.5 billion Gallons of Drinking Water A Year For California


    Using both solar power and water desalination, this amazing project can provide and endless amount of drinking water and electricity. This machine could save our world during an age where climate change could possibly send us all into times of turmoil.

    Generating 10,000 MWh annually while also turning 4.5 billion liters (1.5 billion gallons) of salt water into drinkable water at the same time, this machine deserves global awareness.

    It was recently shown at the Land Art Generator Initiative in Santa Monica, California for the first time.

    “LAGI 2016 comes to Southern California at an important time,” write Rob Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian, co-founders of the Land Art Generator Initiative. “The sustainable infrastructure that is required to meet California’s development goals and growing population will have a profound influence on the landscape. The Paris Climate Accord from COP 21 has united the world around a goal of 1.5–2° C, which will require a massive investment in clean energy infrastructure.” 1/

    The machine is not only capable of providing copious amounts of necessary electricity and water, it also is beautiful in appearance as well.


    Power Quadrant

    “Above, solar panels provide power to pump seawater through an electromagnetic filtration process below the pool deck, quietly providing the salt bath with its healing water and the city with clean drinking water,” the design team writes in their brief. “The Pipe represents a change in the future of water.”


    “What results are two products: pure drinkable water that is directed into the city’s primary water piping grid, and clear water with twelve percent salinity. The drinking water is piped to shore, while the salt water supplies the thermal baths before it is redirected back to the ocean through a smart release system, mitigating most of the usual problems associated with returning brine water to the sea.”


    While we currently live in a time where is not easy to be sure of anything, and many of us are living in constant day to day anxiety about where our futures could be heading, one thing can be said: if those who work in fields of science and research continue to come up with new technology that provides methods of obtaining sustainable and necessary resources, we probably have a better chance than we think. Using our knowledge for the greater good of mankind, rather than for its downfall is definitely a wonderful start.

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