Socorro Solved? Update on Why Famous 1964 UFO-Cop Case Was a Hoax – UFO Explorations


Anthony Bragalia has for some time promoted the notion that what officer Lonnie Zamora saw outside Socorro, New Mexico, on June 24, 1964, was a prank by talented and bored local college kids. This article includes links to five previous efforts that recount Bragalia’s investigation and specific contentions. The testimony of a former New Mexico Institute of Technology president is significant, but do the speculations about the origin of the physical residue, and how a hoax matches Zamora’s statements, really convince? It is true that an article by Robert Eveleth on the New Mexico Tech website does say, “The antics and pranks pulled by the students over the years, if gathered in a single compilation, would be sufficient to fill a small book,” and a Physics 221 Fall 2010 test even has a question inspired by “a Cal Tech student prank.” (WM)

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