Slovenia Declares Water A Human Right By Amending Constitution


    Slovenia’s parliament recently voted to amend their constitution regarding clean water and its availability. According to the amended version, clear water supplies are “a public good managed by the state, rather than being a “market commodity.”

    Sixty-four out of 90 parliament members voted in favor of the new amendment, and no one struck their votes against it. The Slovenian Democratic Party decided not to vote for or against the amendment due to their opinions that it was unnecessary.

    According to the new amendment, “Water resources represent a public good that is managed by the state. Water resources are primary and durably used to supply citizens with potable water and households with water and, in this sense, are not a market commodity.“

    The Slovenian Prime Minister, Miro Cerar, fully backed the newest measure by stating that,

    “People should protect water-the 21st century’s liquid gold- at the highest level. Slovenian water has very good quality and, because of its value, in the future, it will certainly be the target of foreign countries and international corporations’ appetites. Pressure over it will increase and we must not give in.”

    This wonderful news makes Slovenia the first European Union nation to decide that water is an innate right for all of humanity. However, 15 other countries in the world have presented similar legislation.

    Slovenia is laden with forests, mountains and beautiful landscapes. It is a land that is home to a plethora of abundant fresh water resources. Unfortunately, other areas of the world are encountering a different issue. According to NASA, California will run out of water entirely by 2017 due to drought. Of course, various nations throughout the world are dealing with a much worse water crisis that sadly doesn’t appear to be getting any better any time soon.

    What makes this even worse, is that as these nations are battling for decent drinking water just to survive, companies like Nestle continue to extract water and sell it by the bottle for profit. And they have no plans to decrease such actions, either. Instead, they plan to triple their extraction of water from an aquifer in Michigan, merely miles away from Flint where they have been fighting for clean water for quite some time.

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