SHOCKING Speech from Agent Smith will Open Your Eyes to The Sickness of Humans!


THIS is hands down one of THE MOST PROFOUND SPEECHES in movie history!

We all know about the movie the Matrix, but how many of comprehend that the movie itself is based on the “Matrix” system we already live in?

Consumerism is a perfect example. We are flooded by propaganda all day every day about how we should dress, talk, think, and live life. Ever notice how everyone will start styling their hair the same way? How they will all start dressing similarly? How they mirror what celebrities do?

Buy this car! Dress like her! Talk like him! Day in and day out, until we find ourselves conforming to whatever television subtly suggests without even knowing it.

Today we are trapped in this mad system. We spend 12 years going to compulsory schooling where our once thriving passionate imaginations are dumbed down and replaced by blind obedience to authority. We become worker ants trying to get a good job that fits well into the Matrix. And we do all of this for paper that has no real value in and of itself.

This, is just the tip of the iceberg, but I think you get the picture. Now, we are in a position where the destructive madness of our society is killing other life and the planet at an alarming rate like a cancer. In the excellent scene from the Matrix below, Agent Smith, while interrogating Morpheus explains this perspective in a brilliant way;

As great as this speech is, we forget that Smith represents the elite, and the elite are the ones who have trapped us in this Matrix to begin with. In other words, they are the true cancer. There corporations and banks and politicians and oil companies do far more damage to the environment than we could ever imagine. We are just trapped here and do the best we can.

Unfortunately we cannot blame them for everything either. Even if they are to blame, it’s  not going to change our situation. We need to start learning through the internet and books how we can create solutions and a better world for all of us. Things don’t have to be this way and we don’t have to be a “cancer”. We can help create a beautiful world and destroy this Matrix just like they did in the actual movie which was trying to wake us up.

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