SHOCK CLAIM: ‘Free energy’ that could STOP climate change was 'invented then COVERED UP'


“Free energy suppression” is taking place to ensure world leaders can still profit from the global trade in fossil fuels, an extraordinary conspiracy theory claims.

Many groups claim that for a number of years technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are available for mankind to benefit from, but governments and the fossil fuel industry ensure that they never surface or get used because of the billions of pounds made through oil, gas and coal.

It is also suggested that the world capitalist system would collapse if people were able to generate power and electricity for free.

The theory centres around claims that scientists have invented viable technologies to create free energy, including perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators and torus-based generators.


Dr Stephen Greer claims aliens have given us free energy technology.

It further alleges equipment does exist which can extract useable power from unconventional energy reservoirs, such as the quantum vacuum zero point energy, for little or no cost, but that anyone trying to progress the systems has been silenced or even killed before the power sources were launched.

At the most extreme end of the conspiracy theory, it ties in with alien believers.

It is claimed by some that the “free energy source technology” has been provided by alien visitors to Earth, or that scientists on Earth worked out how to develop it after reverse engineering UFOs that allegedly crashed here.

Other claims are that some free energy systems could also be used as an electro magnetic weapon and the US is terrified of this information getting into the wrong hands.

Annual conferences are held each year by organisations such as the Free Energy Movement, whose key members included the late former NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary, and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement.

Gary Vesperman, of another free energy organisation, The Orion Project, said: “Many such new energy technologies, particularly those using this kind of knowledge of advanced electromagnetic principles, are considered ‘dual use’ technologies that are among the 4,000 un-numbered patent applications confiscated in a vault at the US Patent and Trademark Office because of their military potential and the need to keep that knowledge from America’s enemies.”

Some of the theoretical energy sources involved are based on largely unproven or semi proven claims of actual scientists who tried to develop free clean energy sources.

Conspiracy theorists claim climate change summits, where world leaders try to agree ways of reducing carbon emissions, are part of the cover up, as they already have the technology to stop global warming in its tracks, but deny its use.

Alien believer Dr Stephen Greer, a US former hospital medical emergency doctor, also involved in The Orion Project, once briefed former US President Barack Obama on the free energy conspiracy theory.


Free energy believers claim it could stamp out climate change.

If free energy were real, someone would be making it happen. Ironically the very existence of the free-energy movement proves their own conspiracy theories wrong.

Steven Novella

He says on his website he plans to open the Star LLC New Energy Research Lab, if he can raise $6.3million.

But, so far he has pulled in just $241,000 since 2014.

He says on the website: “In order to research, develop and bring to the public a practical, working zero point energy system, we need a professionally staffed facility composed of the best engineers, physicists and researchers in the world.

“We estimate that this can be done over a two year period at a nominal cost of $6.3 million for the initial research and development portion of the project.

“In order to provide the security, support and synergism needed to develop the best possible new energy system we need a well equipped lab and research facility.

“The laboratory cannot be opened until the full amount has been raised.”

But, with every conspiracy theory comes the deniers.

Steven Novella claims to have debunked the entire theory using logical thought on the Neurologica blog.

He wrote: “If free energy were real, someone would be making it happen. Ironically the very existence of the free-energy movement proves their own conspiracy theories wrong. 

“If a company could produce a genuine free-energy machine, they would, and they would become the wealthiest company in the world. 

“Further, free energy would improve everyone’s quality of life. No matter who you are, your life would become better with free energy.

“Free energy proponents, apparently, would rather believe the world is run by megalomaniacs who are simultaneously brilliant (in executing their conspiracy) and idiotic (in wanting to execute their conspiracy) rather than entertain the possibility that they have the science wrong.”

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