Scientists Confirmed Why A Himalayan Salt Block Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own


    The amazing Himalayan salt block is a large block of pink salt infused with many minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese which provide its preternatural pink color. The Himalayan block is a natural tool that everyone needs in their kitchen for preparing seafood, fish, meat, vegetables.

    Why the Himalayan Salt Block became a Must-have Item that Someone Could have?

    It is regarded as one of the purest in the world without any harmful properties. The name itself, a Himalayan salt block, suggests the salt’s origin, hailing from the area in the Himalayan mountains. It is also called a “pink gold” because it is the purest and healthiest salt used both for cooking and diet.

    What is specific for this Himalayan salt block is that it changes its color when heated.

    Which Benefits does This Salt Provide?

    # Abounds with Calcium, Iron and some 84 Trace Minerals

    There are nearly 84 elements which this salt contains and that are found in our organism so it provides all the minerals needed for our organism. It contains small amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron while there is less sodium that in the regular salt. Its the crystals that contain these tiny particles of minerals, and they can be easily absorbed in the human cells.


    # Better Food Taste

    It is an amazing cooking tool, that imparts incredible health benefits in your food. It will give an interesting salty flavor to your food.

    # A Natural and Antimicrobial Surface

    Unlike other cooking surfaces, a Himalayan salt block is the safest one that you can use. This is a result of the antimicrobial properties of the salt used for killing microbes and prevention of food.

    # Temperature Resistant

    Although antimicrobial, this salt block is temperature resistant so you can use it on higher temperature levels. It is an excellent tool for various temperatures since it can be chilled in fridge, heated on stove, grill or gas, etc. Its melting point is over 800 C, so it can withstand any temperatures below.

    What you need to do is heat the salt block slowly, not exposing it to sudden changes in temperature and let i rest for 24hours.

    How to Use the Himalayan Salt Block for Cooking?

    • The preferred use is on the grill or gas stove rather than in the oven, for a balanced heating.
    • In order to prevent it from damage, salt block need to be heated slowly at a low temperature with a gradual increase. By 30-40 minutes you will reach a temperature of 149 C.
    • The heating of a salt block is really time consuming, but worth the time.
    • One thing more to add, cool the block before you clean it for a better safety.

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