Science Shows Silence Rewires Your Brain to be More Intelligent


    Sure, we all know a little peace and quiet can benefit a person, but just how much good is it doing? Apparently, a lot!

    A study carried out back in 2013 showed that when mice were exposed to 2 or more hours of silence each day they literally developed new brain cells in their hippocampus’! The hippocampus is the region of our brains that is associated with things like learning, memory, and emotions in general. The hippocampus is extremely important.

    This very important study essentially was able to determine that silence was literally able to help your brain grow. Isn’t that amazing? Noise pollution has been found to lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks as well as extreme stress. Too much noise is definitely a bad thing.

    When we are no longer being distracted by noise, and are relaxing our brain is hard at work going through everything we have processed whether we realize it or not. You see, when we are resting our brain is recovering. You see, noise tends to make us stressed and overall creates tension all over. When you eliminate the noise you are creating the perfect place for your mind to reboot.

    According to the attention restoration theory, when we are resting in silence our brain is able to restore some of its cognitive function. This is said to be because the brain is then able to turn down its sensory guard. In this time you will probably notice your mind wandering or merely doze off in a daze. Now that you know how important it is to be in a quiet environment from time to time will you be giving it a go? It might just be the peace your mind needs.

    For more information on the power of silence check out the video below. Just two hours a day is more than enough to make a difference. Why not give it a shot?

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