Russians Announce Launch of Brightest Object in Sky, Satellite “Brighter Than Venus”


    Space technology is ever growing as we begin to explore our interstellar neighborhood. Now some Russian scientists have announced plans to release the brightest object in the sky; a new satellite.

    Russian scientists have recently announced a plan to release a satellite into the earth’s orbit in two weeks. It is supposed to be the brightest object in the sky for a limited amount of time. It will be brighter than the sun, Sirius, the brightest star, and even brighter than Venus. The satellite will be launched July 14th and will only be in the sky temporarily, according to scientists. It is a Russian Cubesat with solar reflectors named Mayak. It was recently completed at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow. It was made of thin polymer film 20 times thinner than a human hair.  The scientists claim that it will help clear debris from space to actually make the sky cleaner for astronomers!

    The Russian CubeSat is set to be launched from this location in Kazakhstan.

    When it is released it will shine with an apparent magnitude of -10. This makes it second only to the moon as the brightest object in the night sky. The name Mayak is Russian for lighthouse. If people see this in the sky it will be brighter than the brightest object in the sky and could be seen from all over. Of course we should be wary when governments expect people to believe them with no evidence, however, it does look pretty interesting.

    People should investigate to see what it actually alleged to do. How many people are going to see it? Could this be a natural phenomena or some other body arriving in space disguised as a satellite?

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