Russia and China to become 'supreme world leaders after Brexit destroys EU'


Online Christian preacher Paul Begley is predicting last week’s vote will signal the end of the EU, as Russia waits in the wings to create a superpower merging the remains of Europe with China and other Asian countries.

In a video he uploaded to YouTube about the Brexit vote, he warned of “rifts” and “things getting ugly”.

The preacher, who starts his videos with the catchphrase “are you serious? Are you serious?, said: “The Swiss were looking to join the EU, but they have withdrawn the application, and said, quote ‘only lunatics would join this thing now’.

“The EU is going to collapse and that is why Russia is setting in the wings looking for partners from the EU to join a new union being formed by Vladimir Putin called Eurasia.

“Eurasia will be part Asia and part European. Russia and China are going to lead the way. It is amazing how the world is shifting… but look what caused it.

“It is liberalism, it is socialism, and the Muslim migration from the Middle East. These three things that literally broke the back of the camel, are the same three things that are threatening to break America.”

Pastor Begley, is considered as a far-right Christian, and appeared to suggest the only hope for the US to be able to stand up to the new Eurasian super states was for Republican candidate Donald Trump to be elected to the White House.

He added: “America has got one shot to stop the bleeding.”

The preacher said if Trump did not win, a major shift was going to take place.

He said: “Where there is a shift, there is a rift, and things will get ugly.” 

But Pastor Begley has been predicting major events on his YouTube channel for a number of years – including the Rapture and second coming of Christ.

Whenever there is an earthquake, volcanic eruption or other disaster, Pastor Begley goes before his camera to warn we are at the end of days.

Fortunately, so far he hasn’t been too accurate.

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