Release of Arctic Methane “May Be Apocalyptic,” Study Warns


    A new study released has given us a stark warning of a potentially apocalyptic event taking place in the arctic; however, it gained very little attention from the media.

    The study is titled “Methane Hydrate: Killer Cause of Earth’s Greatest Mass Extinction”. Needless to say, it leaves you with some serious chills. Is this for real? Could we be looking at the end of the human race, and not even reacting? I mean according to a scientific study we are looking at the apocalypse dead in the face – so why are we doing nothing about it?

    “Global warming triggered by the massive release of carbon dioxide may be catastrophic,” reads the study’s abstract. “But the release of methane from hydrate may be apocalyptic.” The study goes over the fact that one of Earth’s biggest mass extinctions was caused by the release of methane hydrate. This took place over 250 million years ago – and left 90% of the world’s species dead. Climate change isn’t an important topic; it’s life or death. The moment the people decide to acknowledge the facts is the moment that we will have a promising fate. Until that happens, it isn’t looking so good.


    The 250 million-year-old extinction is widely believed to have been caused by the release of methane hydrate. The extinction is referred to as the Permian Mass Extinction Event, and over ⅓ of all living land, animals were killed. While there is no proof that the event was caused by methane hydrate, many researchers and scientists believe that it was the product of high releases of Co2 in the atmosphere. Scientists believe that because of high volcanism, the co2 then formed into methane hydrate and reigned terror on all of Earth’s inhabitants.

    Today there are massive amounts of volcanism in Siberia. These eruptions have caused – once again – high releases of Co2 into the atmosphere – the only thing we’re waiting for is the final stage. I assume that mixing these with the high amounts of emissions we already put out because of the rapid industrialization within the last decade does not help the case at all. Below you can see modern day methane hydrate deposits in the ocean floor.

    Current Day Methane Hydrate Ocean Deposits
    Current Day Methane Hydrate Ocean Deposits


    “The end-Permian holds an important lesson for humanity regarding the issue it faces today with greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and climate change,” the abstract of the recent study concludes.

    Are you afraid that this is the end? It very well might be – we can only hope that it instills the fear in us to make us want to stop ruining our own environment. We hold the fate of humanity in our very own hands – do you think we’re being fragile with it? The only real question is, what can we do about it?

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