Recent Study Reveals the Psychological Effects of Dying Your Hair


    Many people dye their hair these days. Dying your hair a vibrant color like pink or blue has become a growing trend recently, but some people might just be covering up some grays! No matter what color or how you use, the effects are all the same.

    Dying your hair is a very common method of self-expression and showing off that you’re different than everyone else. I personally love the vibrantly colored hair, I think it looks fantastic! However, many people believe that dying your hair is terrible for your health. The dyes are full of dangerous chemicals that force you to even wear gloves to protect skin contact, yet we apply it to our scalps? It doesn’t quite add up to be safe, and a new study reveals that it can even have psychological effects.

    There have been several different studies to outline the negative effects of dying your hair. One Psychologist, Dr. Vivian Diller found that you can actually become addicted to dying your hair. She explains how everyday activities like shopping or eating can become easily addictive. Just like that, dying your hair can also become addictive. However, Diller says there isn’t much more to worry about.

    One researcher of Nottingham Trent University found that dying your hair can make you more confident. According to his research, women between the ages of 22 and 66 were found to experience a boost in confidence after dying their hair! Like I said before, it’s a great way to express yourself and your own individuality. He also found that women who dyed their hair were more confident in the workplace. They are more likely to ask for a promotion or voice their concerns.

    The same study from Nottingham Trent University also found that women who dye their hair are essentially sexier. They found that women are impulsive, sexually exciting, creative, attractive, and able to deal with criticism more than women who have natural hair colors!

    It turns out that the psychological effects of dying your hair are actually positive! If you want to express yourself and make a bold change, try dying your hair! Just be sure to choose a safer, organic based hair dye!

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