Rebel snipers captured on camera picking off troops in vid showing true horror of war


During the montage – which lasts just under a minute – deadly rebel marksmen can be seen firing on Syrian army soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the suburbs of Aleppo.

The clip starts with scenes showing the lethal sharpshooters open fire on soldiers in the distance as they scramble for cover.

And the deadeyes can be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” – meaning “God is greater” – as they take shots at their enemies.

The footage of the dramatic gunfights reveal the extent to which the war in Syria has ravaged Aleppo, showing the streets filled with rubble and exploded cars.


CRACK SHOT: Elite snipers pick off Syrian army troops in war torn Aleppo

Based on the logo in the video – the skillful riflemen appear to be affiliated with the Abu Amara Brigade who are currently engaged deep in fighting with both the Syrian national army and ISIS jihadis. 

But with the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) advancing in key areas across Aleppo, the sharpshooters were likely left behind to delay their enemy’s progress.

The video surfaces just days after footage was released showing evil ISIS snipers brutally executing prisoners.

The video was posted to video-sharing website LiveLeak on Wednesday (November 30) and has already been shared over 6,000 times.

Rebel sniper takes aim at Syrian soldier in AleppoGETTY/ LIVELEAK

DEADLY: Rebel snipers are attempting to hold the Syrian army back as they advance in Aleppo

Commenting on the clip, one viewer said: “Shouting ‘God is great’ while you try to kill another Muslim is a bit contradictory.”

Another commenter agreed, adding: “That’s why Muslims consider them terrorists – I don’t care what they say, because they do not comply with Islam.”

The news comes as one Iraqi soldier decided to test the accuracy of ISIS snipers in Mosul simply to pass the time.

And another video released by an anti-Assad militant group shows rebels in Syria using an antique pirate cannon to obliterate government troops.

The war in Syria may soon be coming to an end after Vladimir Putin ordered a huge range of air strikes to hit the war-torn country in a bid to finally crush ISIS.

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