REAL PROOF? 'Ghost filmed warning I'm here' in spooky footage inside haunted cathedral


Mark Vernon filmed the clip during a paranormal investigation in 11th century Wakefield Cathedral.

His video shows what some have said is a black figure floating across the camera screen, to a mixture of high-pitched and clattering sounds.

Mr Vernon said: “I was investigating it for 40 minutes – I caught a ghost/shadow man walking past my camera in broad daylight.

“If you listen carefully when it appears, I do believe he says ‘I’m here’.”

The cathedral is no stranger to ghost sightings, including in 1784, when it was Wakefield Parish Church.

Last August mum Kerry Launders, 30, got a fright after apparently snapping a ghost while visiting Norwich Cathedral with partner Simon Tobb, 31, and her children Millie and Oscar.

When she looked at pictures taken on her mobile phone back home she saw a creepy “phantom bishop” captured on an upper level of the allegedly haunted 11th-century building.

The “apparition” appeared to wear long robes and a tall hat like a bishop.

Ms Launders, from Bury in Greater Manchester, believed it could be one of 12 or so bishops buried in the cathedral.

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