Quantum Equation Suggests the Big Bang Never Occurred and the Universe Has No Beginning


    A new study has provided us with an astounding answer to one of the major questions of humankind’s existence: how did the world begin? In the study, evidence suggests that the Big Bang may have never occurred which would mean that the universe has existed forever.

    According to estimations made by general relativity, the age of our universe is 13.8 billion years of age. Before the universe came to be, it is thought that everything in existence had a single infinitely dense point, or singularity. After this, the point started to expand, and eventually the “Big Bang” created the universe.

    Many scientists have had issues with this explanation, due to the fact that there are no mathematic equations which support this theory.

    “The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there,” Ahmed Farag Ali at Benha University and the Zewail City of Science and Technology, both in Egypt, told Phys.org.

    Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali, who works with Professor Saurya Das at the University of Lethbridge, Canada came up with various equations which present a universe which is eternal, meaning that there is no beginning or end.

    David Bohm inspired their work, and they combined elements from quantum mechanics and general relativity to develop their result. The universe they came up with was smaller in the past, however, it had never been the infinite density point which is explained by the big bang.

    Another issue which has plagued the scientific world is the explanation of dark energy and dark matter, which is the theory that both of these elements take up 95% of the total content of our universe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t explain much, due to the fact that little is known about these factors.

    Das and Ali suggest that dark energy and dark matter could be composed of a Bose-Einstein condensate, which is a state of matter in which particles display macroscopic quantum phenomena.

    Unfortunately, their suggested model does not provide an entire theory of quantum gravity. Instead, it is yet another take on the unite quantum theory and general relativity, which has posed a major challenge for physicists over the last few decades. What their information does suggest is that rather than there being an explanation for how things began, that the universe itself has existed forever with no absolute starting point, or for that matter an ending point. Of course, the mere thought of this could induce a brain puzzle that you can never escape.

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