Pyramids Make Intergalactic Communication Network Based on The ‘Cosmic Internet’ Coined by Nikola Tesla


    Researchers at the Pyramid Complex in Bosnia have found quite a few interesting things. One of these things being something known as standing waves, Nikola Tesla seems to have known much more than we thought.

    These standing waves are a form of free energy that was described by Nikola Tesla long ago. They could be the very foundation of a ‘cosmic internet.’ As I am sure you have likely heard by now Pyramids scattered across the globe seem to point towards various cosmic regions and events. Lots of people have spent time trying to find the true meaning of these Pyramids if in fact there was one.

    The Bosnian Pyramids have been archaeologically active for many years now and are the first of such monuments to be unearthed in Europe. According to Dr. Osmanagich the man who discovered them back in 2005 these are the largest pyramids on the planet. They were not just randomly placed their orientation towards the cardinal points is extremely precise.

    Researchers have determined from samples of some of the concrete sections that the monuments are no less than 34,000 years old and have even found a network of prehistoric tunnels waiting to be explored. Inside the tunnels, they have found strange monoliths made of ceramics placed on pedestals. Now getting onto these unusual waves, while scanning the perimeter of the monuments for anomalies researchers detected these waves. According to Express, these Waves are much like the ones described by Nikola Tesla himself.

    They are as mentioned above known as standing waves and are believed to travel at a velocity billions of times faster than the speed of light. These waves were not affected by cosmic radiation and because of this, the idea of ‘cosmic internet’ was born. This is being referred to as some sort of intergalactic network in which it is possible to communicate between extremely distant places across the galaxy in an instant.

    For more on this and the mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids please take the time to watch the video below. What do you think about this? Could such a thing exist?

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