Putin: Most Terrorist Attacks Are “False Flags” Designed To Control Citizens


    Vladimir Putin spoke at the 13th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club last year. During his speech, he discussed the global elite, and how terrorist attacks were merely attempts made by them to control the public.

    Throughout the last few decades, we have seen various wars waged by the West against many other nations. The U.S in particular, have systematically invaded the Middle East and while using catchy terms like “Operation Iraqi Freedom” have done everything but liberate the people living within the nations they attacked.

    Instead, we see nations so very war-torn that they have refugees that are now fleeing throughout the world, and wreaking havoc upon the economies and criminal justice systems all around.

    Their means of perpetuating such wars came only by creating false events or scenarios which justified their invasions. This is where the term “false flag” comes from. Of course, the true intentions behind the war had little to do with the false attacks and more to do with the agendas of the elite.

    “If the powers that be today find some standard or norm to their advantage, they force everyone else to comply. But if tomorrow these same standards get in their way, they are swift to throw them in the bin, declare them obsolete, and set or try to set new rules.” Putin stated while speaking at the conference.

    Continuing, he said, “Thus, we saw the decisions to launch airstrikes in the center of Europe, against Belgrade, and then came Iraq, and then Libya. The operations in Afghanistan also started without the corresponding decision from the United Nations Security Council. In their desire to shift the strategic balance in their favor these countries broke apart the international legal framework that prohibited the deployment of new missile defense systems. They created and armed terrorist groups, whose cruel actions have sent millions of civilians into flight, made millions of displaced persons and immigrants, and plunged entire regions into chaos.”

    Moving on, he directly addressed the issue of perpetuated threats to back an agenda, by saying, “But they continue to churn out threats, imaginary and mythical threats such as the ‘Russian military threat’. This is a profitable business that can be used to pump new money into defense budgets at home, get allies to bend to a single superpower’s interests, expand NATO and bring its infrastructure, military units and arms closer to our borders.”

    While the problem is extremely clear to the rest of the living world, it seems impossible for most Western citizens to realize that we are being played. Our media is bought and paid for and the only information we are going to get from it is whatever supports the government’s narrative. For true and factual information, we have to dig deep. We have to think outside of the box, and we have to be open to the possibility that everything we hear from the “powers that be” is only what they want us to know or think.

    You can read the transcript for yourself, by clicking this link.  Or you can watch the video below.

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