PROOF OF GHOSTS? 'Phantom girl' filmed inside abandoned plague hospital


THIS is the shocking moment a group of ghostbusters captured what they fear could be the spirit of a little girl inside a former plague hospital.

The teenagers broke into the Sanatorio Duran hospital in Costa Rica, which was built in 1918 to treat “white plague” patients, and saw what they believe is the phantom of a small child. 

It is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the Central American country.

Their creepy footage shows the group looking around the abandoned building, which was to treat sufferers of tuberculosis (TB), also called the white plague.

In the video one of the group flashes a torch around an abandoned room, but they spot what they said looked like a figure bolt, before they shriek and run.

The hospital treated thousands of patients, including the mentally ill.

One famous ghost said to haunt the building is a little girl, and there is also, on the top floor, a number of phantom nuns.

Online viewers of the video were not all convinced.

One said: “I went there and have not seen anything but I asked my grandmother and she said she saw a girl in the corridor.”

Another, who believed the video to be fake, said: “Most likely edited to give people something to talk about.”

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