Pearl Harbor 2? News of China Preparing for Airstrike Against U.S Military Base Confirmed


    Analysts have stated for quite a while that the Chinese military has been adjusting its military in order to counter the U.S military. However, now breaking reports have indicated that China is planning a missile attack against U.S bases in the Pacific.

    While investigating satellite images China’s missile testing grounds and U.S bases, a pattern has been detected. Chinese missile tests have all been aimed at destroying U.S carriers, destroyers, and airfields in East Asia. Furthermore, weapons have also been transported which could target U.S bases that are currently in Japan, as well as other areas of the Orient. Included in those weapons, is the DF-16 missile, which can reach as far as the contested areas.

    Of course, such preparations would be directly parallel to China’s core military value, or “active defense.”

    Furthermore, China has been reported to believe that a “preemptive first strike is preferable” to being struck at first and then countering back with a defensive shot. In reference to foreign policy, if China believes another nation is preparing to challenge their territorial claims or sovereignty, they will act against the enemy by all means necessary.

    Of course, in just the past few weeks that Donald Trump has been president, his administration has voiced loud and clear that they have no interest in complying with China’s claims to the South China Sea, which the administration has referred to as international territory. Other hints have also been made in which the “One China” policy has been questioned by the administration.

    In a review with NBC, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated clearly that both of the above topics were not up for negotiation.

    According to an article from the Chinese Army’s website, a war between the U.S and China is increasingly a “reality.” And if the current administration continues to challenge China regarding policies and territory, a very real threat of an escalation in tensions could be looming in the nearby future. For now, we can merely watch and wait, hoping for the best.

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