Our Minds Have the Power to Heal Our Bodies; Here’s How


    While many of us are constantly reaching for various methods of healing outside of ourselves, the true power of healing may be hiding in plain site. Lissa Rankin insists that the power to heal is actually inside of our mind.

    The placebo effect provides part of the answer to this hidden power of thought, and it has puzzled scientists and doctors alike for quite some time. One archive known as the Spontaneous Remission Project contains thousands of cases in which diseases completely disappeared without medical treatment or from treatments doctors considered inadequate to result in recovery.

    According to Lissa, much of the reason we receive any healing benefits from doctors, and their medicines, is due to our belief in them. When a doctor comes into the office room, smiles at you and tells you that you will be fine due to the highly trusted treatment he is prescribing, Lissa believes the brain then releases healing chemicals. Included in those chemicals are endorphins, nitric oxide and the love chemical oxytocin that contains many natural healing abilities. 

    The same is true for when your doctor explains that your prognosis doesn’t appear to be good, something else happens within the brain. However, it is the opposite of the above example. Instead of our mind providing self-healing, a fear response is activated, and the amygdala tells the adrenal glands that we are in trouble. In turn, a massive amount of stress hormones are released, such as cortisol and adrenaline. The release of such hormones decreases our immunity and we are at risk that much more. /

    Much like the old saying, “Mind over matter,” our thoughts do have power over our bodies. The power of positive thought has long been touted as a means to a better life. And there is quite a bit of truth behind such theories. It is no wonder that before a big game, ball players are told to recite positive affirmations and to keep their mind in a positive direction. So, why couldn’t the same apply to our health? I’m not saying to completely replace your doctor with the power of positive thought, instead, why not apply positive thought to your everyday life, and see for yourself, as this simple task changes your life forever.

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