One in eight Britons moved house because their home was haunted


The research found a third of us (32 per cent) confess to having been frightened by the supernatural in our own home at night. 

As a result of strange goings on, a fifth (20 per cent) have called someone in the middle of the night to seek comfort or support. 

The research, by specialist insurance broker firm Towergate, has revealed many of us have witnessed supernatural activity in our homes and also found it can put us off a property completely. 

Indeed, 17 per cent claim they have seen a ghostly figure and 12 per cent even moved out of one of their former homes because they feared it was haunted. 

The study also shows how much our home buying plans are affected by fears of ghosts and ghouls. 

One in eight (12 per cent) have looked round a house but chose not to put in an offer because it was too spooky. 

Nearly two thirds (62 per cent) say they would not buy a house near a graveyard, an undertaker’s (65 per cent) or a sinister-looking church (60 per cent). 

Meanwhile, many would look for a sizeable discount on any home which was said to be haunted. 

Although 45 per cent insist no reduction in price would be enough for them to move in, 30 per cent say they would be satisfied if they could negotiate 20 per cent off the asking price. 

The research suggests many of us have encountered weird events in our home. 

Half have experienced a strange, eerie phenomenon (49 per cent), with 18 per cent having felt a sudden icy chill and 12 per cent hearing unexplained voices. 

One in six (15 per cent) have noticed things had moved for no apparent reason. 

One in 10 (10 per cent) have been scared by their attic, eight per cent have been spooked in a bedroom a five per cent admitted to finding a garage frightening. 

If we do experience paranormal activity at our home, we’re most likely to call our mum or dad. 

Eight per cent have called their parents, seven per cent have phoned their partner for comfort, five per cent fled to their neighbour’s home and one per cent of terrified homeowners called a member of the clergy. 

Drew Wotherspoon, from Towergate, said: “Spooky supernatural stories of something strange in a neighbourhood can be a huge turn off for potential buyers. “Some of us thrive on stories of haunted houses, and can use eerie tales to their advantage. 

“What is clear from this research is that spooky vibes can be real deal breakers when it comes to buying and selling properties – and this makes it a scary time for sellers.” 

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