North Korea Detonates Hydrogen Bomb Causing An Evacuation in Japan


    Plans of a mass evacuation from the South comes as North Korea continues to ramp up its threats of nuclear war. Just this past Sunday North Korea successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb which may have triggered a 6.3 magnitude artificial earthquake

    This evacuation will consist of any Japanese citizens located in South Korea. Currently, there are around 60,000 Japanese citizens residing in South Korea, 38,000 of which have been long-term residents. The United Nations Security Council actually met on Monday for an emergency meeting in regards to the North’s more recent provocations.

    “If the US decided on a military strike against the North, the Japanese would start moving towards an evacuation on its own accord regardless of whether the American plans are public.”

    Tokyo is working on a four step plan based on the severity of this situation. The steps are as follows: discourage unessential travel to South Korea, discourage all travel to South Korea, urging Japanese citizens there to evacuate, and lastly urging them to shelter in place. Seoul has agreed to give Japanese citizens access to safe zones if things get to that point. These safe zones will be things like subway stations, shopping malls, and churches.

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says that there is a possibility of further provocations. He urged officials to remain vigilant and says he will do everything he can to ensure the safety of his people. Nikkei Review also noted that the Japanese government is currently still working with the US to obtain cooperation from those stationed in South Korea to transport evacuees across the country from Seoul to Busan.

    President Trump himself stated on Twitter this past Sunday that North Korea is continuing to become more hostile and more dangerous in regards to the US itself. He is considering cutting off trade with any country that does business with the communist regime. I personally am terrified for whatever may be to come.

    For more information on this evacuation check out the video below. What do you think will come of this? Please do your best to keep updated on this pressing issue, knowledge is power.

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